Young Living Essential Oils–A Magic Bullet?

by Cynthia on November 24, 2011


Is there really a ‘fight’ against  illness?

We hear these common phrases on a daily basis:

“The fight against breast cancer.”
“The fight against heart disease.”
“The fight against leukemia.”

What are we fighting?  Is there a war going on in our bodies?

Perhaps a different perspective is in order.  As living organisms, we constantly respond to our environment.  If we are in a favorable environment, our bodies respond favorably.  If we are in a not so favorable environment, our bodies respond in kind there also.  There is a subtle balance that needs to be struck for our bodies to maintain optimum health.

So if we were to regularly put our bodies in a not so favorable environment by, let’s say, eating unhealthy foods or drinking impure water or putting toxic chemicals on our skin or breathing polluted air or surrounding ourselves with negative people or thinking negative thoughts, how do you suppose our bodies are going to respond?  Do you think that over time, our bodies might begin to respond unfavorably, as in developing symptoms of illness?  And if we ignored these messages disguised as illness from our bodies, do you suppose that over time, our bodies might crank it up a little louder in the form of a full blown disease?  And at that point, if we are not aware, will we raise our arms in disbelief and anger, cursing the fate that was handed to us?  Will we begin assaulting our bodies with synthetic pharmaceuticals and treatments and perhaps cutting out the offending body part with a scalpel in search of that magic bullet for health?  Will we never consider the simple act of bringing our bodies back into balance?  We want to take a pill and get past it while we continue to regularly put our bodies in a not so favorable environment.  And there is only one way for that situation to end.  And it is not a favorable one.

Ours is a just ’cause and effect’ universe.  There are no mysteries.  Only answers.  Reclaim responsibility for your health.  Bring your body back into balance.  Therapeutic grade Young Living Essential Oils work with your body to aid in regaining that balance.  And with corresponding lifestyle changes on your part, you can put your body back in a favorable environment.  Because remember, there is no magic bullet.

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