What the 3 Wise Men Really Gave at the Stable

by Cynthia on December 10, 2011

The story goes, that over 2000 years ago, a Savior was born in a stable in the City of Bethlehem.  Following a bright star in the East, 3 Wise Men traveled over hill and dale to pay homage to this special child.  To honor his birth, they presented him with gifts:  Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  They then went on their way.

What we are not told, however, is that these 3 Magi also had a special gift for Mary, the mother of this wondrous child.  Knowing that giving birth to a baby is a lot of hard work and that the hormones of a new mother are swinging wildly this way and that, these three kings had the foresight to stop by the local bazaar on their way to the stable and pick up bars of dark chocolate to present to Mary.  Now, these were not just your ordinary bars of dark chocolate.  Nothing but the best for this Blessed Mother!  These chocolate bars were artisan handcrafted 60 percent dark chocolate imbued with the power of therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil.  (This established the precedent for making peppermint the official flavor of the Christmas holiday.)  Made from the finest red cacao beans and delicately mixed with natural ingredients like sacred Frankincense (notice the theme here?) and the all-natural sweetener,Yacon, these chocolate bars were over-the-top!

Satisfied, Mary settled in to bond with her newborn while snacking on these one-of-a-kind chocolate bars.   Thought lost to antiquity, this secret recipe has been recovered and today they are being produced as Majestic Essence Peppermint Bars by Young Living Essential Oils!  Sure to become a holiday tradition, you can now obtain these luscious bars for yourself, your friends or that special new mother!

You know, they weren’t called the 3 Wise Men for nothing…..

Order #4538 Young Living Majestic Essence Peppermint Bars!

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