Put Yourself First

by Cynthia on October 12, 2011


One of the more common maladies of womanhood is putting ourselves last.  How many times have we heard a friend (or our mother.  Or our sister.  Or *gasp* ourselves!) utter “I am so busy taking care of everyone and everything else that I barely have time to wash my face and brush my teeth!”  And heaven forbid should we get sick.

I believe that as women we are hard-wired to nurture.  It is our nature.  Yet culturally we are taught to take care of others before we turn the attention to ourselves.  And we learn to feel guilty if we say no to someone because we choose to take care of our own physical or emotional needs.  The contradiction to approaching life this way is that while we are busy always taking care of others first, eventually WE suffer.  And when we are not at our optimum, our families, our relationships and our work, becomes troubled.  We compromise your immune system and become sick.  Our hormonal system grows imbalanced and we experience drastic mood swings, depression or anger.  We lose touch with our feminine intuition and miss insights and opportunities that we would have noticed if we were at our finest.  We begin looking for short cuts because we are exhausted and choose fast food in the car on the way home at night instead of taking the time to cook wholesome, healthy meals for ourselves and our families.  Slowly we begin to unravel.  We ignore our body signals and press on.  We go outside of ourselves to heal our family and friends or our community or our planet while we are running on empty.  And you don’t need me to tell you where this will all end.  So create a paradigm shift in your approach to your health and listen to your body and when appropriate, begin to put yourself first.  This is a very important step in becoming a Young Living Woman.  Others will benefit from your well-being and perhaps see you as a role model and set about doing the same for themselves.

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