Protect Yourself from the Flu with Young Living Oils

by Cynthia on October 15, 2009

swine fluOne of the most common question I am asked as an educator for classes and workshops on essential oils for women is:  “How can Young Living Essential Oils protect me from the flu?”  Let’s talk about prevention.

First, don’t kiss any pigs.  Second, don’t kiss anyone who has kissed a pig.

Okay, okay.  Seriously, though, the key to preventing any type of flu is to maintain a strong immune system.  Here are some suggestions:

1.  Practice healthy lifestyle choices. All living organisms are designed with built-in mechanisms to protect them from invasion from foreign bodies.  This is a given.  But when the organism violates the natural universal laws for optimum health, foreign bodies such as virus, bacteria and fungus can establish a foothold and wreck havoc, creating illness and disease.  The basics for honoring the natural universal laws for optimum health include getting plenty of rest, regular exercise, drinking an abundance of fresh water, eating healthy foods, spending time in nature, eliminating stress, limiting exposure to electro-magnetic radiation (computers/cell phones), thinking positive thoughts and surrounding yourself with supportive people.  I am assuming that the above recommendations are old news and you just needed a reminder to implement them.

2.  Keep your digestive system healthy with a regular colon cleanse regimen using Young Living’s Cleansing Trio.  Supplement with Life 5™ probiotic to build and restore intestinal health by providing five clinically proven probiotic strains to enhance intestinal health, sustain energy and improve immunity.

3.  Reinforce your systemic defenses by taking Young Living Inner Defense softgels.  Take one  softgel daily in the morning or one 3-5 times daily when stressed.  For best results, use Life 5™ probiotic 8 hours later.  Diffuse Young Living Thieves® Essential Oil in your home and workplace.  Set a timer to diffuse the Thieves® for 5 minutes at least 6 times daily.  Rub a few drops of Thieves® Essential Oil on the bottom of your feet in the morning before putting on your socks and shoes and again at night before going to bed.

4.  Schedule a weekly Raindrop Technique Massage and incorporate Thieves® into the session.  The essential oils used in the massage are known for their anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

5.  Clean and disinfect your home and workplace using Thieves® Household Cleaner.  Carry Thieves® Spray and Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier in your purse or briefcase to disinfect while away from home.

Product recommendations: Cleansing Trio, Life 5™, Thieves® Essential Oil, Young Living Inner Defense, Thieves® Household Cleaner, Thieves® Spray, Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier, Essential Oil Diffuser. Additional immune boosting essential oils:  Exodus II™ and Egyptian Gold™.

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