Juliana Coles Extreme Journaling

by Cynthia on June 1, 2012

Juliana Coles was one of the first women who taught me how to be in the process of creating art; how to get out of my head and just put whatever was living in me at that given moment on to paper.

A few years ago, I was drawn (pun intended) to take a class in extreme journaling that Juliana was offering in Chicago. Being a creative, I was intrigued with the notion that one could journal and create art at the same time. My inner critic was very LOUD and it seemed like just the right push that I needed to move into a new area of expression. Let me tell you a secret………it was amazing. She made us move so fast in our process of putting thoughts and feelings onto paper that there was no time for those mind-monkey critics to even begin their chattering. And while my work will never find it’s way into the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it certainly serves to integrate the many pieces of myself that otherwise would be left flapping in the wind.

Expressing our creativity is one way we nourish ourselves. And, dare I speak for the multitudes, it is often one of the last gifts we offer ourselves because of our demanding lives. Take a few moments and check out Juliana’s online presence and take the baby steps you need to begin giving your thoughts, ideas and feelings a voice. We would love to hear of your experience……

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