Heed the Gentle Messenger

by Cynthia on March 2, 2012

Heed the Gentle Messenger

Do you know that there is a law of correction? It is a law that will break you if you don’t listen. Take heed of the gentle messenger or you will be forced to heed the harsh one.

You have the gentle messenger warning you of health issues right now:  the recurring colds and flus, that lower back-ache that never seems to go away, chronic constipation, allergies, aching joints…..the list goes on and on.  And while these maladies are an annoyance, we continue to endure them, day after day, without addressing them, because they are not debilitating or life-threatening.  Instead of seeking out the cause, we choose to ignore them or mask them by taking an over the counter drug–and we disregard the gentle messenger.

Eventually, after ignoring the symptoms over time, continuing the way of life that caused the problem, we are met with the harsh messenger:  cancer, heart attack, arthritis, a compromised immune system…and we wring our hands in angst wondering how this could happen to us.  The harsh messenger.  And the remedy oftentimes is too little too late.

Take a minute today and check in with yourself.  What gentle messengers have you been ignoring?  What are you going to do to address them?

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